Black Lions Rank Structure

· Black Lions – Rank 1 ( 1 – 3 Months )
o Know basic rules
o Own your own weapon set
o Own set of good fighting garb
§ Tabard
§ Sash

· Black Militia – Rank 2 ( 3-6 Month )
o To know how to fight with a different weapon other than your own
o Must know how to fight in a group
o Attend a minor event ( With Proof )
§ Red tassel

· Black Guard – Rank 3
o Own set of full armor
o Must Attend a Major Event and participate in tournaments (show proof)
o Have set of feasting garb
o Must be able to fight with a group and lead with a group
§ Gold tassel

· Elite Black Guard – Rank 4
o Must have one set of every weapon class
o Must have knowledge of every weapon class
o Must attend 2 minor events 1 major event with proof
§ You can wear as much armor as you want
§ Use any weapon you want
§ You fight 4 Black lions
§ You fight 2 black militia
§ You fight 1 black guard
§ You fight 1 elite black guard ( you don’t have to beat this guy )
§ White tassel